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20200705 What to do with a blog

What to do with a blog? Vent my political opinions? Promote the philosopher in me? Try to sell myself to others as a free lancer of many talents? I believe they invented LinkedIn for that. For the moment I will limit this to my immediate actvities.

At the moment I am working on the august 2 concert in The King’s Ballroom. A lot of things need attention: we must get the 17 vocalists and instrumentalists in a rehearsal  mode (I hope this post helps – devil grin emo). I have to take care of Corona measurements on location (The King’s Ballroom). I need to see to it that our press campain will succeed, even though we have hardly any tickets to sell. We need to invite people that can help the 401Dutchoperas project to the next level. Partners for future concerts. Potential publishers. So we did a try-out concert on June 28 (watch here). So I presented a full two hours on ‘Een goedemorgen met…’ for AVRO/TROS on NPO-4 classical radio (listen here). I will also keep these posts short.


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